Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

If communities in central Africa can’t walk away from
Joseph Kony’s violence, then neither can we.

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We joined this movement to help end LRA violence once and for all. We marched. We lobbied. We believed justice was possible. And together, we moved our leaders to take historic action that could finally make that belief a reality.

But some policymakers in Washington are ready to give up -- which is exactly what Joseph Kony wants. It’s time to remind your leaders that they work for YOU, and you’re not quitting until Kony’s violence is over.

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Urge your member of Congress to cosponsor the LRA Resolution.

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The LRA Resolution

Each of us joined this movement to help end Joseph Kony’s violence once and for all. We believed -- and continue to believe -- that justice is possible. Millions of us, from Colorado to Central Africa, rallied together and called on our leaders to end LRA violence and bring Joseph Kony to justice. We’ve made incredible progress -- but our work isn’t done yet.

We have allies in Congress who stand with us and have introduced a bipartisan resolution that urges the U.S. government to stay committed to stopping Kony’s violence, bringing him to justice, and supporting the communities he has terrorized for almost 30 years.

Now your mission is to get your members of Congress on board. Urge them to represent your voice in Washington by cosponsoring the LRA Resolution.

We called for justice and we meant it. As long as Kony’s violence continues, and children are still being held captive, our work is not done. Because our liberty is bound together.

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We believe every human life has equal and inherent value and it’s the responsibility of our governments, and each of us, to protect one another. It’s up to us to make sure our leaders uphold their responsibility to defend the rights of all citizens, especially those most vulnerable to injustice.

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